4in Cuticle Nipper Full Jaw

4in Cuticle Nipper Full Jaw


Denco's 2405 Cuticle Nipper is made in Italy of high quality Stainless Steel to keep the cutting edges sharp and rust-free. If you're an expert with a cuticle nipper who's looking to save time, or you simply have large/wide nails, the 8 – 9 mm cutting edge of this nipper is for you. The larger jaw lets you trim more cuticle with every cut, while the precision tip allows you to get into those tight spots.

If you have larger nails or are experienced with cuticle nippers and prefer the longest cuts to reduce your trimming time, then our Full Jaw will be a good choice. The blade length is between 8 and 9 mm.

1. Wash your hands in warm, soapy water or use after a shower or bath. Clean, softened cuticles are the goal.

2. Gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher or manicure stick. Remember to be gentle and only push back the excess that is creeping onto the nail plate.

3. Use the tips of the Cuticle Nipper to carefully trim the excess cuticle that has been pushed back any any hangnails.

4. Finish by rubbing your favorite cuticle oil or lotion into the skin around your nails.

It's best to keep your nippers clean and the action smooth. You can sterilize these nippers in any sterilizing solution or just wipe the tips with a dry cloth to remove debris. If the tension begins to feel less smooth after sterilizing, open the nippers wide and place a drop of oil in the joint. Work the oil in by gently closing and opening the handles. Then wipe any excess from the surface of the nippers with a cloth.


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