5in Styling Shears

5in Styling Shears


Denco’s 4304 Styling Shears feature an ultra-smooth cutting action and sharp, accurate blades at a bargain price. The plastic handles add extra comfort, and the size is perfect for trimming bangs and cutting children’s hair.

If you're handy with scissors and would like an inexpensive, professional pair of shears for cutting hair at home, look no further! The 5" size makes them easy to handle and ideal for trimming bangs and kids' hair.

Comb hair to remove any snarls and, holding the shears horizontally, trim to the desired length. To add some movement and avoid a blunt-looking cut, you can hold the shears vertically and use the point to make very short snips.

NOTE: Always leave your hair a bit longer than you'd like so you have some room to even it out if it looks unbalanced. It's also best to trim your bangs when they're dry so you will have an accurate view of the length.

These shears are made of stainless steel and can be used on wet hair. After each trim, wipe the blades with a dry cloth to remove any hair clippings. Leave your shears in an open position to air dry before storing them. If your blades seem to catch when you close them, or if the action is not smooth, turn the screw slightly counter-clockwise to loosen. If the shears are too loose and are bending the hair instead of cutting it, turn the screw slightly clockwise to tighten.


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