Temple Turmeric Ginger Aid Elixir

Temple Turmeric Ginger Aid Elixir


Toasted Sesame Popcorn with Organic Sea Lettuce

Fresh organic popcorn enriched with satiating superfood seaweed. Providing essential nutrients like iodine and magnesium, our gluten-free popcorn keeps you nourished, for a more satisfying snack.

  • PACKED WITH FLAVOR: Toasted Sesame blends spicy and savory with a kick of citrus: sesame seeds pair with lemon, black pepper, garlic, and ginger to bring you a full-force flavor that can’t be watered down.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Our products are always made with the highest level of integrity. Where simple ingredients like organic popcorn kernels, sesame oil, ginger, sea salt, and sea lettuce powder come together to form a low calorie, high fiber, nutritious, vegan popcorn snack.
  • SEAWEED SUSTENANCE: Blue Evolution's own Super Seaweed makes this organic popcorn a good source of bioavailable, plant-based iodine, magnesium, and iron. Harvested in fresh Pacific waters, our seaweed popcorn snacks are packed with flavor and nutrients.
  • A NEW SUSTAINABILITY STANDARD: We are revolutionizing the industry standard for producing sustainably harvested products. Our farming techniques require no freshwater or arable land, all while improving the health of our oceans by absorbing carbon dioxide.


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