Neat Clip

Neat Clip


Denco's 2557 Neat Clip Nail Clipper adds some fun and function to your grooming routine. This smooth-cutting nail clipper features a comfortable, plastic-coated handle and an easy-to-remove catcher that traps clippings and keeps your grooming area “neat” and tidy.

If you have thin to average nails and don't like clipping over the trash or picking up flying clippings, you will love the Neat Clip.

1. Wash your hands in warm, soapy water or use after a shower or bath. Clean, softened nails are the goal.

2. Starting at one edge of your nail and finishing at the other end, carefully cut to the length and shape you'd like. Keep the cutting jaws tilted up slightly so the clippings will drop into the catcher.

3. Empty the catcher by holding it over the trash (jaws facing up) and sliding the catcher off the clipper. Then, dump the catcher and slide it back into place.

It's best to keep your clippers in a dry environment. If they get wet, dry them with a clean towel. While holding the clippers over the trash, slowly pull the catcher off the clipper body and empty the clippings. Tap both parts gently to dislodge any trapped clippings and then reattach the catcher.


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