Skin Care Tool

Skin Care Tool


Denco's 2981 Skin Care Tool is made in Germany of high quality stainless steel so you can disinfect it and keep it rust-free. This handy tool is great for helping you to keep blemishes at bay and, since it can be sterilized, it keeps problem-causing bacteria on your hands away from your face too! The small, thin loop is perfect for gently rolling out whiteheads, and the flat loop gently presses out blackheads so your face will look its clean and radiant best!

If you are someone who can't resist the urge to pop whiteheads and extract blackheads, then this is the tool for you.

1. Wash the blemished area with warm water and a gentle cleanser.

2. Wash the Skin Care Tool with antibacterial soap and hot water, or clean it with rubbing alcohol.

3. For whiteheads, place the thin loop over the blemish and gently roll the tool from one edge to the other. If the whitehead does not pop, use the same technique from other angles (top to bottom, or right to left). If it still does not pop, it is NOT ready. Do not apply excessive pressure or continue to work on it. Simply try again later. For blackheads, position the flat loop over the blackhead and press down gently, but firmly. Do not use excessive pressure or pull/drag the tool across your skin.

4. When you are finished, wash your skin again with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Also, wash your Skin Care Tool with antibacterial soap and hot water or clean it with rubbing alcohol.

Your skin care tool can be washed with antibacterial soap and water or wiped clean with rubbing alcohol. Dry it with a clean towel before storing. To keep the loops from bending or twisting, store the tool flat in a drawer and do not store heavy items on it. Always disinfect your skin care tool before and after each use.


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